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Interested in Publishing with Ealy Education?

Guidelines for Developing Your Product

We appreciate that you are considering submitting a product to Ealy Education for possible publication. Follow our guidelines for submitting a prospectus for assessments (tests) and online instructional programs.

Assessments (Tests):

  • Title of the test
  • Overview (purpose, rationale, scope of the test)
  • Target population and audience
  • Description of test including:
    • Subtests
    • Scores
    • Reliability and validity information (if available)
    • Administration and scoring procedures
    • Samples if available
    • Competing materials
    When submitting assessment materials to be reviewed, the availability of initial item and validity analysis is helpful but not necessary. We can work with you to design a pilot study, recruit pilot participants, refine items, and perform additional psychometric analysis.

Online Instructional Program:

  • Title of the project
  • Overview (purpose, rationale, scope)
  • Target population and audience
  • Table of contents and outline of project
  • 1-2 completed sections
  • Competing materials

Upon receipt of these materials, we will review your proposal carefully and then decide if it fits with the line of products that Ealy Education publishes. As soon as our initial review is complete, we will notify you of our decision regarding possible publication. This process should take less than one week upon receipt of materials. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call.

Send your prospectus and all materials to:
Ealy Education, Inc.
1043 Maravista Drive
Trinity, FL 34655

You can also send your your prospectus to service@ealyeducation.com.