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This Instructor Demonstration provides a comprehensive look at how administrators view and print profile reports for students, parents, and advisors. Click the tabs at the top of the screen (Search Records, Raw Data, and Account Status) to explore the features available to an instructor.

When you are finished reviewing the Instructor Demonstration, take a moment to review the student, parent, and advisor scales or return to our home page.
SDAi : Administration

Self-Determination Assessmentinternet measures cognitive, behavioral and affective traits associated with self-determination. The links at the top of the page allow you to gather information about students, parents, and advisors who have taken the SDAi at your institution.

  • The Search Records option allows you to display a listing of the following results:
    • Respondent Name, ID Number, Student PIN, Administration Date
    • Self-Determination Student Scale-Short Form (SDSS-SF) profile report
    • Advisor Perception Scale (SDAPS) profile report
    • Parent Perception Scale (SDPPS) profile report
    • Comparison report showing similarities and discrepancies among students, parents, and advisors
  • The Raw Data option allows you to download an Excel file of your school's raw data. The SPSS compatible file includes each respondent's name, e-mail, PIN, test date/time, percentile score, five component standard scores, and individual item scores.
  • The Account Status link shows how many administrations your institution was issued, the date they were issued, and the number remaining to be used.

Refer to the Self-Determination Assessmentinternet User's Manual for a history of the assessment's development, a complete description of the scales included in the SDSS-SF, SDPPS, and SDAPS, results of pilot and field testing, and the process used in scale construction.

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