SDAi - Short Form (College and College-Bound)

The Self-Determination Assessmentinternet Short Form includes three instruments that measure cognitive, behavioral and affective traits associated with self-determination. These characteristics are assessed from the perspectives of students, parents and teachers. The instruments can be administered together or individually. The self-determination assessment approach focuses on and delineates those variables related to self-determination that are within the individual's control and are potential targets for instructional intervention.

The SDAi consists of three scales:
* Self-Determination Student Scale-Short Form (SDSS-SF)
* Self-Determination Parent Perception Scale (SDPPS)
* Self-Determination Advisor Perception Scale (SDAPS)

The SDSS-Short Form (SDSS-SF) was normed on students in college settings. The SDSS-SF asks students to respond to 43 items on a five point likert scale that encourages more refined judgements in responses.

The total quantity ordered can be used to test students, advisors, or parents. You can administer all three scales, two scales or only one. For example, if you place an order for 200 administrations of the SDAi, you can test 100 students, 50 parents, and 50 advisors. Another option may be to test 200 students, 0 parents, and 0 advisors. How you choose to use the total quantity ordered is up to you and the needs of your program.

Alan Hoffman, Ed.D.,
Sharon Field Hoffman, Ed.D.,
Shlomo Sawilowsky, Ph.D.

1-99 Quantity = $3.25/each
100+ Quantity = $3.00/each

Minimum order of 10

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