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Online Demonstration

The links below provide an excellent overview of how students and instructors use the Self-Determination Assessmentinternet.

Self-Determination Student Scale-Short Form (SDSS-SF)
Self-Determination Student Scale (SDSS)
Self-Determination Parent Perception Scale (SDPPS)
Self-Determination Advisor Perception Scale (SDAPS)

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  • This option provides a preview of the online Student, Parent, or Advisor registration process and assessment pages.
  • Students take the SDSS-SF, SDSS, SDPPS, and SDAPS from any computer or mobile device with access to the Web. Since the scoring process is totally automated, a two-page profile report is immediately generated and may be printed. This report page lists an overall percentile score along with scores for each key model area measured along with a description of each.
  • Results are also saved in the system for later retrieval by an instructor through the Instructor Web Site (see below).

Instructor Demonstration

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  • Authorized administrators are able to view, print, and download results of assessments taken by students, parents and advisors.
  • The administrator can view all elements of a school's account status at any time.
  • Upon receipt of a Self-Determination Assessmentinternet order, the designated administrator is assigned a school number and administrator key. With that information the administrator has access to all data in the account.
  • Data can be exported for use in Excel or SPSS.

Self-Determination Assessmentinternet

Alan Hoffman, Ed.D.
Sharon Field Hoffman, Ed.D.
Shlomo Sawilowsky, Ph.D.
Age Range
SDSS-SF: College and College-Bound
SDSS: Middle and High School

SDAS: Self-Determination Adult Scale
    by Longsdale Publishing
Administration Time
Student Scale-Short Form (SDSS-SF)
    20 to 30 minutes
Student Scale (SDSS)
    30 to 50 minutes
Parent Perception Scale (SDPPS)
    10 to 15 minutes
Advisor Perception Scale (SDAPS)
    10 to 15 minutes
Qualification Level
No specific qualifications necessary
Online (Administration and Scoring)

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